Monday, May 19, 2008

R&N - 05/19/08 - Mixtape Monday

Hey folks,

I gotta hit you with this hot track right here... (excuse me if i'm late, but it's still an impressive track...) I like the feel of it... so much that i'm changing the format of Mixtape Monday today... This should be a classic... Well, they got it from a classic song, at least. Check out the D.E.Y.

The D.E.Y. - Give You The World

For some reason, this reminds me of this old skool track... Free CD to whoever can tell me where The D.E.Y. got that sample from... Anyway, here's another classic

Back To Life

This was the 2001 remake... Shout outs to DJ Clue for puttin' this one together.

Dj Clue ft. Jadakiss & Mary J. Blige - Back To Life 2001

Kinda short... but more coming soon later...



Anonymous said...

My name is Justin Myers and the got the sample from Earth, Wind, and Fire. The song is called fantasy. Jay-Z also sampled it on the blueprint 2. CD please.

AB said...

Props, man! Impressive. E-mail me at and I'll hook ya up.