Sunday, May 11, 2008

R&N -- 05/11/08 -- GOSPEL SUNDAY!!!


What up world!!!!!! Well we've all been anticipating it, and now it's here! Tye Tribbett and GA's 3 LP entitled Stand Out hit stores May 6th and from what I've heard already....It's definitely hott!.....Annnnndddd definitely different? Today we'll go back and follow TT &GA allll the way up to this point. One thing I can say about this group of people is not only is there a Greater Annointing present....They sure know how to entertain. I'm just sayin. Let's go....closer to the beginning...

Gary Indiana

The beginning of...."THE HAIR"lol R.I.P. Dr. Kenneth Riddle

They REALLY made it....TBN baby!!!!!

...NOW an unstoppable ministry!!!! VICTORY UNIVERSITY!!!

AND NOW....The teaser...

The wait is over!!!!! Album now in stores....STAND OUT!!!!

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