Saturday, May 3, 2008

R&N 05/03/08 OnSmash Saturday Pt. 2

Breaking News For The Jam

The band Pearl Jam that is, and guess what? They are writing a new album, first with producer Brendon O'Brien since 1998's Yield. According to guitarist Mike McCready, "It's still in it's infant stages". It may be a while, the band is trying to figure out what direction they are wanting to go in, but I will keep you guys up to date.

The Police And Costello Again

Starting in Ottawa

The Police are back at it again live in Ottawa Canada. Two nights ago was the first time The Police have been back to the capitol city since 1979's sold out and rocking crowd. Every time The Police play, it seems it could be their last North American tour here, so enjoy what you see. Who knows when it will be the last time.

Above is the great Elvis Costello on one of my favorite albums "This Years Model". He's kicking off the tour with the Police. It's not a secret that the band member hate each other's guts, but they sound pretty freaking incredible on stage, and hey that's all that matters sometimes. Drew D.

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