Friday, April 11, 2008

R&N - 04/11/08 - FLASHBACK FRIDAY!!


Whats up everyboy, it's your boy DT. Today I'm putting the spotlight on the ATL (which has basically been running rap for nearly 10 years). Nowadays, it's hard to imagine a time when southern artists weren't at the forefront of Hip-Hop. I feel old cause I remember it well. Its crazy to see how far the South has come. This is the first stop on the Flashback Southern City Tour.

Ludacris - Welcome To Atlanta (2001)

Outkast - So Fresh So Clean (2000)

T.I.P. - 24s (2003)

Ying Yang Twins - Say Yi Yi (2001)

Lil Jon - Bia Bia (2001)

There you have it folks, bringin back the good 'ole days of the ATL. If you ask me, it went down hill as soon snap music came on to the scene (I blame you JD!!!). Next week I'm headin down to Screwston in the candy coated slab on 84s to continue the FlashBack Tour.

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