Monday, February 25, 2008

R&N 2/26/08 Rock-N-Roll Tuesday

Check Your Dates For Black

Could seven days feel any longer? The Black Crowes new release will be hitting stores everywhere in 7.

Rock Your Head Off Top Picks
Hey Rock fans,I have had a view questions lately on what some of the the greatest rock albums are. So here you go, some are older, and some are newer. And each are different walks of life in the "Rock-N-Roll realm, but all are kick ass, and a must have. Welcome to another Rocking Tuesday people.

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Album: Led Zeppelin
Year: 1969

Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Album: Stadium Arcadium
Year: 2006

Artist: AcDc
Album: Highway To Hell
Year: 1979

Artist: Jack Johnson
Album: Sleep Through The Static

Artist: Bob Seger
Album: Live Bullet
Year: 1976

Get Your Vote On

Cross Canadian Ragweed is the name, "Mission California" is the game. For those of you who are behind, Mission California is their latest studio album, their 4th to be exact, and it's rocking! Life seems to be going further and further up hill for CCR,they are #6 on The Top Country Charts, and 30 on The Billboard Top 100. Check more info out and vote for these guys at Texas Twister Music. They are nominated for the following: Favorite Texas Band, Favorite Hair, Favorite Definition of Cool, and Artist You've Seen The Most. My fellow Texans show your love, and give CCR some support. No one is allergic to this Ragweed, fans just can't get enough of them.

A Tool To Hard Rock

For years the band "Tool" has been blowing out ear drums, and sending messages to people through their music which to say the least........Thought provoking. Front man of the band Maynard James Keenan is a genius to many, and is currently in the process of writing new material. Tool has been nominated at the Grammy's several times, and has even won 3 times including: Best recording package in their most recent LP, 10,000 Days. Hold on tight fans, hopefully in the next year Tool will release their 5th studio album.

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