Sunday, February 24, 2008

R&N - 2/24/08 - GOSPEL SUNDAY!!!


Good Evenin' once again on this Gospel Sunday. I promise I'll start a bit sooner from now on but the Lord does keep us busy. But let's get right too it.

We doin a strong line up today. Myron Butler & Levi is killin it with Stronger. If you go to church or not.....respect the music! You can't deny it's hottness! Oh, listen to the ministry, but don't turn ya dial just BECAUSE its gospel. The beat should keep you as soon as it drops. I'm just sayin.

Sometimes I can't even tell if they're using tracks. Just sick. = )


I gotta do this but....Karen...I'm not feelin this Please don't get me wrong, Karen Clark Sheard is the voice but I must admit I've never been too keen on J. Moss doin anyones BGV's (Background vocals). I'm just sayin. I love their music but I'd have to say this one is a miss. Luv you Karen!!!!!!!


BUT!!!! Since I can't let her go out like that, I'll bless you guys with one of her better moments. You're Praise the Lord for this photo too. = ) Good job Karen.

OKAY J!!!!


AND... I mean that in a good I'm feelin this joint. However I will say that I don't know how I feel about the duo with Anthony Hamilton. It just......don't......curl all the way over for me. I'm just sayin. Still not feelin the BGV's but dude can write and yeah he can sing. =1 Gotta luv it. He killed this with Karen though...

I'm mad at that note on 5:17 on the Just sayin....

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