Monday, February 11, 2008

R&N - 02/11/08 - Mixtape Monday

Hey folks,

Welcome to another Mixtape Monday... We Got some crazy stuff for ya this week...

Charli Baltimore - Losin' It

Ya girl, Charli B is back in town with a new track called Losin' It. Tryin' to come back a lil' sexy (not the pic, but the track, lol)... Anyways, check out

Charli Baltimore - Lose It

Big Pun - Still Not A Player Remixed!

Now this is a TIGHT Remix! Peep game!

Big Pun ft. Incubus - Still Not A Player

O Reilly Calls 50 A Pin Head!

After listening to the interview, then hearin' what 50 had to say, i found it funny O'Reilly would be calling him a Pin Head... Has he not learned his lesson about talkin' about people??! Check the interview, then the response

50's Response

Yung Joc ft. Young Dro & Bun B - I'm A G

Ghostface - We Celebrate

Bun B interview on Fox News

Now, I've got WAY more tracks for you guys to check out, but I'll save that for later tonight. But it's gonna be QUITE a list, so I hope you got a blank CD, lol. :-p


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