Thursday, February 7, 2008

R&N - 2/07/08 - Leak Critique


The Way I Luv U

Yeah....soooooo I'm listenin to a new joint by Ashinkashae (Ashanti) rollin my eyes and all, thinkin, "Ok what is she tryna do with music now?" I must say that I was suprised when I heard this joint. Some would say its not much of nothin, but my expectations are soooooo low of Ashanti...I'm just I'd have to deem it a worthy track to listen to. Maybe lessons are getting more intense? Because it does sound like they are pushing her in the studio. What you think? Good luck Ash.


..........mmm do it for me on this Ya know, it has a hott beat...prolly from the notorious BMK (Brian Michael Cox) long lost brother by the But....I'm just not completely feelin this one. I'm just sayin. Now don't get me wrong. I'm a definite fan of the first album. You could ALMOST play the whole thing from start to finish. Definitely a win album in my book. But as we all know, they are in competition with the Making the Band 4 guys, now known as Street 6 or Take 2 or I would have to say that I'd rather bang this joint than ANYthing those dudes are droppin right about now. But on this track....Ya'll just tell me what ya'll think on this one. Check it out under the pic.

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