Thursday, January 31, 2008

R&N - 1/31/2008 - Critique Leak



Ya boi JT here givin my first greetings on the Forecast! I'm excited about the op. and the journey ahead. Givin you endless info and isms for days. PUT ME IN COACH...I'M READY!lol

Now, my gift to YOU guys is a wonderful track from ya boi Bobby V. That's right...he's baaack! Back with the very sound that we all fell in luv with on his self-titled album, Bobby Valentino. That's right...I sure did skip over that 2nd one didn't I? Now don't get me wrong, Anonymous was fiya! But such a misrepresentation of the rest of the album. "Mmmmm not so much". Key phrase by yours truly to

However, after hearing this joint below, be expecting great things from Bobby V. No joke. This leaked track You're Not Alone is fiya! If you got a nice ride and it ain't rainin, pop this in with the windows down on your way somewhere at least 3-4 minutes away. Let me know what cha think. I'LL HOLLLLLA!


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