Saturday, January 19, 2008

R&N - 1/19/08 - Exclusives

Kanye's Kids SisterNow I heard about this chick a little while back and tried to ignore her but it seems like I just can't. I saw her pop up on my MTV Jams with her outrageous video to her apparent club hit "Pro Nails" ft. Kanye West. The track is a wild, fast paced track similar to a Lil Mama joint, who she oddly resembles in the video just an albino version. (You'll see what I'm talkin about in the video). This FeMC is from Chi-Town, hence the cosign from Kanye West but I really can't see what he likin'. The song is almost to cheesy to take serious. This joint was on Kanye's Can't Tell Em Nutin' mixtape from the summer and was one of the tracks I skipped over so I tried to pay attenton to today, and yeah, still don't get that whole Chicago/Baltimore club scene. Let me know if yall figure it out, peep the video here. Oh in case if you were wonderin' what Kid Sister was, I thought she was white, she's half black/half latino or white...

Timbaland still crankin' them out

Timbo, took off time from his steroid usage, ha j/k, to shoot a video to "Scream" his joint with Nicole S and Keri Hilson. My guess is, Nicole S needs to pick up steam for her debut album which was pushed back from last year to this year, and Keri is trying to create a buzz so she can actually release an album. Anyway, this was one of my fav. tracks on the album,and the girls is hott, so is the video. Peep.

I'm out - Dilly

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