Thursday, January 3, 2008

R&N - 01/03/08 - EXCLUSIVES!

Hey folks,

I got old and new stuff for ya that I've been wanting to post, but never had a chance to. Enjoy.

Dame Dash - Driving Women Schizo

This is one of the most hilarious headlines I've heard since Britneys Spears and her MTV Awards Performance... Dame Dash allegedly ordered a woman to handle oral duties for him under an Alias of Jeremy Mcintyre... Then, a year later, his voice is still stuck in her head and realizes it was Dash only AFTER she saw a Dave Chapelle episode... Ain't that a mess?! I can't wait to hear this one in court... Dame sure does "gets busy", lol. (Rocafella joke)

Skillz - 2007 Wrap Up

I know most of you folks have already heard it, but for those who haven't, you need to check it out. I should be posting the vid up a in a lil' bit...

Skillz - 2007 Wrap Up

Michael Jackson - Thriller 25th Anniversary

Okay... MJ has been having Kanye, Will.I.Am as well as some other producers to put together his Thriller (25th Anniversary) album coming out in February... I think it will be great, and should add back to his reputation. We'll see. For now, here is the Billie Jean Remix produced by Kanye.

Michael Jackson ft. Kanye West - Billie Jean Remix

Twista ft. Luther Vandross - For One Night

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