Wednesday, December 5, 2007

R&N - 12/06/07 - EXLCUSIVES!

Hey folks,

I don't know how much steam this new Jaheim album is getting, but here's the new video.
Jaheim - Never

Now here's a preview of J. Lo's new vid... You think it's gonna sell?... All new image after having twins... Doing It Well didn't really grow on me.. Maybe it's because I still think of Freaky Tah - Lights, Camera, Action when the beat is on... Just like when I hear Jenny From The Block, I think about Beatnuts - Watch Out Now. I'm still skeptical on J. Lo's new album... Check it out...
J Lo- Hold It, Don't Drop It

Now, here's an album, that's I've almost got, lol. Seems like it's gonna be pretty hot... From what I've heard, it has 12 tracks that were recorded in 9 days... Sounds almost like Blueprint, lol. But hey, Jay and Dream musta got inspiration from each other... Jay did Blueprint in that time period and now Dream. Dream sang about not needing a hook, and Jay felt he didn't "need a hook" for this hit... :-p More on that later...
The Dream - Falsetto

Saigon - Come on Baby
Here is the original, but the Remix with Jay-Z is RIDICULOUS!


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