Thursday, August 30, 2007

R&N - 08/30/07

Hey folks,

I know i said I would have news later, but this is sad...

Ruff Ryders - Ridin' Dirty

One of the co-CEO's of RuffRyders got pulled over and arrested for having a loaded .45 and 3 pounds of coke in a trick compartment in his SUV. Yea, Ruff Ryders fell off, but I guess times are pretty hard right now... I really used to be a loyal Ryde or Die type for the label (back in da day, aka Vol. 1), but they need a marketing push, for real.

Darrin Dean was indicted on drug charges August 29th in New Jersey and is facing up to 20 years in prison. Dean was freed on $342,500 bail.

Sean Kingston - NOT B.I.G. Yet?

Producers of the new B.I.G. movie are denying that my boy, Sean Kingston does not "officially" have the part yet...

My View: He was the best pick so far, but they aren't ruling out somebody else. I wonder if Guerilla Black auditioned... He hasn't put out music in a while...

Talib Kweli - All In Your EarDrum

Last but not least, lemme give a shout-out to Talib Kweli AND Common for making Top 10 with their albums. This week, Talib Kweli (Get By, The Blast) came in #2 with Ear Drum. Keep it up, Kweli.


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