Wednesday, August 29, 2007

R&N - 08/29/07

Hey folks,

Hope you guys liked the exclusive tracks. Be ready for more tomorrow. If you haven't seen 'em, peep the entry below this one.

J. Lo - Doing It Well

J. Lo is tryin' to come back into the music game again... She's got a new video coming out called "Doing It Well"... You think LL will be in it? :-p We'll see... I doubt it, though.

Mel B - Dancing With The Stars

Mel B is finally getting her child support from Eddie Murphy... So sad, it took so long... Dude was in The Nile (denial) and needed a paddle. On a funnier note, the baby was actually has "Murphy" as a middle name and was born on Eddie's birthday.

Anywayz, she's going to be on Dancing With The Stars next season. That will really boost her career, don't ya think? I think she'll do good. Long as she does better than Master P. :-p

Foxy Brown - In Jail & Pregnant!

Now, I know I really didn't talk about how Foxy Brown went to Africa earlier this year... And I know I didn't talk about how she went to jail. But It's finally has to come to light that she's in Rikers (Rikers Island) & PREGNANT... She got sent there for aggregate traffic violations and assault. Guess Remy Ma is doin' a lil' better than that.

Now, I'm not trying to disrespect her. She's a vet in the game. I just hope situation gets better. Stay on the look out for more exclusives tomorrow. Like I said up top, peep the tracks below.


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