Sunday, July 22, 2007

R&N - 07/22//07

David Banner - 80 Kids to Six Flags!

Somebody doin' good in the hood! David Banner provided a bus, food, t-shirts and 80 tickets to
Six Flags! It's all for the children's program he has been sponsoring since 2005 in Mississippi.

Background Info:
Stewpot Neighborhood Children's program offers an after-school program and summer camp to at-risk youth from Mississippi. The program focuses on providing children safe havens after school and during the summer, offers tutoring, self-esteem building and positive role models.

MADD PROPZ, Mr Banner. Good luck on your role in the new Batman movie. :-p
Russell Simmons - Vick Got Hit!

Russell Simmons and Al Sharpton sent a joint letter condemning dog-fighting to Michael Vick’s corporate sponsors which includes Nike, Rawlings, Hasbro, Coca-Cola, Easton Sports, and Kraft. After the news, Nike announced that it was suspending the release of th eNike Air Zoom Vick V football shoe. It was scheduled for a late August release.

More info coming soon....

50 Cent - Sues for Being Shot... Online!

50 Cent filed a lawsuit against an internet advertising firm, seeking at least $1 million dollars in damages over a "Shoot The Rapper" ad that appeared on various Internet sites, primarily on Myspace.

50 is suing Traffix Inc., the company that created the advertisement featuring a caricature of 50 Cent smiling (with those buck teeth, lol) that offered fans the chance to click their mouses and "shoot the rapper."

Disclaimer: 50, Don't sue me, bro. I ain't got the cake for that yet. :-p

Diddy - More Making The Band Drama!

Look out for a controversial episode of
Making the Band 4. It will feature the incident between Sean "Diddy" Combs and choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson. During the April 25 taping for the show, Combs, Gibson and Michael Bivens were involved in a heated argument.

Gibson filed a complaint with NYC police in May, claiming Bivens grabbed her during the argument, while Combs threatened her with a chair. Also during the episode, two more guys leave thecast, 1 dude walks out and a favorite on the show gets kicked out as well. The episode airs July 23 on MTV.


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