Thursday, October 9, 2008

R&N - LEAK CRITIQUE - 10/09/08

ARE WE READY???? PT. 2 I asked this same question last week. But after learning of some hott new singles per the Queen B herself, Beyonce Knowles, I have to ask the people this same question....ARE WE READY!?!?!?!?!?...For another hott new album that is?lol

I heard this track and I gotta say I love it...AND I'M A BOY!lol I'm just sayin. I like the pop transition. Song is nice; Music nice. Keep it comin Bey.

Single Ladies, ehhhh. Naw it's cool. It's another Get Me Bodied to Me. I must admit that I'm a lil worried about this album because I don't want a back to back dance album from someone that obviously is vocally superior. I wanna see...hear actually a vocally orgasmic album Like Tank's Sex Love and Pain or Kim Burrell Live. Ok I know that last one was far fetch but if you know Kim know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. GOOGLE HER!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, Check these joints out by yours truly Mrs. Knowles-Carter and make your own assumptions. JT~1

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